Port Community Motorcycle Club (PCMC)

  The Motorcycle Club associated with the Rotterdam Port Community

Welcome to the PCMC Homepage!

 The Port Community Motorcycle Club (or PCMC) has been in existence now since 2008 and is the only motorcycle club associated with and dedicated to management level employees involved with the Port of Rotterdam. The Club was established by Marc den Beste and Grant Maclachlan both keen riders and managers working in the Port Community. The club currently has around 37 members from all branches of the Port Community and until the end of 2009 remained a voluntarily run organisation with no fees or subscriptions. Thanks to the support of the members and some extremely generous sponsors we have established the PCMC as official ''Vereniging''. This step has brought us closer to the main goal of the Club and that is to ride for fun but at the same time raise funds for charity.

Peter handing over the check to the Fietsvreinden Club for handicapped cyclists

Part of the clubs mandate is to organise events and through the members and sponsors donate moneys collected to help local causes which our members vote to support. In the past years we have been quite successful. Have a look at the PCMC donation page to find out more.

Rides are organised monthly throughout Holland by the Club members normally on a Sunday. For the tour dates please see the Tour and Event Dates section. Each year the plan is to run at least one long weekend tour outside Holland and depending on the response maybe further expand this into more adventurous tours further afield. 

In 2017 the donation went to the ''Hoogvlieger'', a charity aimed at giving handicaped children a different sort of ride - in an aeroplane!

The development of the club so far has depended very much on the dedication of those volunteers who,

The first PCMC ride on a cold April Sunday back in 2009

to date, have put hard work and effort into getting things established. Each year's development is very much dependant on the support from the members not only in accepting the new contribution sytem but more importantly being present at the monthly rides. The PCMC tour calender for 2015 has already been established and will carry on whatever the weather conditions. This way members can choose themselves whether they want to ride or not.

The Club is open to professionals working within the Port Community and as of 2010 has introduced a small administrative fee to cover the annual administrative costs. Should you wish to join us please have a look at the ''Want to Join'' section for our disclaimer and contact details.

 Safe Riding!

Trittenhein on the Mosel, 2014 Germany tour