Port Community Motorcycle Club (PCMC)

  The Motorcycle Club associated with the Rotterdam Port Community

2011 Tours

PCMC Extra summer tour. 2nd October 2011

Due to the weather being exceptional for the time of year we organised an extra trip for those that were interested. Three PCMC members and one guest all met at 0830 at the MacDonalds in Charlois. We headed off at 0900 along the motorway to Gorinchem and there the tour began. The tour is an old Promotor tour heading south into Brabant, crossing breifly into Belgium and then back ending in Baarle Nassau. The weather was indeed spectacular. Early morning mists made the riding damp and sometimes quite difficult with visibility down to 10 metres in places  but once the sun broke through temperatures were up into the late 20's.


Brabant   (MapSources file)          Brabant   (pdf file)

Grant Maclachlan


PCMC After Summer Tour 25th September 2011

A great late summer day for the ''After Summer'' Tour. 5 hard core guys including Leon and Harm our newest members gathered at the Macdonalds in Charlois. Shame we've lost our club house! We set off just before 11.00 towards the South through the Heinenoord Tunnel and the tour began. A short 120 km through some unfamiliar territory and many small roads. Short stop at Strijensas then to the end of the tour in Willemstad. Short trip, no lunches but enjoyable all the same.


 Look forward to seeing our new members again soon!

Hoeksewaard   (MapSource file)             Hoeksewaard   (pdf file)

Grant Maclachlan


PCMC UK Tour. 3rd & 4th September 2011

The PCMC's first tour to UK and what a fantastic tour it was! Friday started at 7.00 pm at the ferry check-in; bikes lashed down for the night; beautiful warm weather; a fine dinner and a few cold beers to get us in the mood for the trip. Arrived in Harwich just after sunrise; passed through passport control and ready for the start. Jos, remember your bike also has a centre of gravity and when you exceed this it falls! Thanks to our Austrian bike friends the bike was up and Jos on his way. First stop was Flatford Mill - John Constable country. Temperatures already rising above 20 degrees. Apparently the early morning breakfast did not agree with one tour member who managed to find a bathroom close to our stop (3 times)! From Flatford on up the East Coast of Suffolk and on into Norfolk. Lunch was at the Anchor inn in Walberswick. Sunburn all round! The afternoon took us up into the Norfolk Broads to our final destination - The Ingham Swan. Weather on arrival was close on 28 degrees! A few beers and then a superb dinner  in the pub's restaurant. Next morning the weather was a bit greyer but thankfully not the downpour we had expected. After a superb english breakfast we set off albeit reluctantly.  Along the coast road (Famous A149 as featured in the June issue of RIDE Magazine) from Cromer towards Hunstanton and then back down via Stowmarket towards Harwich. A stop in Spooner Row for lunch at the Three Boars and southwards. With the skies darkening we decided to duck into a small pub close to Hadleigh, just in time before the rains came. The final run back to Harwich was a little damp but after dinner the sun came back and we were able to enjoy sunset on Harwich harbour before checking in for the return leg.

A fantastic trip with many memorable events. Have a look at the photo's section for a flavour and the clip below! 



The Ingham Swan. This pub has featured in the Good Pub Guide for many years and is unique in that it has awards for beer, accomodation and food. 

Harwich - Ingham (Mapsource file)       Harwich - Ingham (pdf file)

Ingham - Harwich (Mapsource file)       Ingham - Harwich (pdf file)


Grant Maclachlan 


PCMC Weekend Tour to Borken, Germany 27th & 28th May 2011

Spot our special guest visitor - Clint Eastwood! 

The first successful tour for the Club and what a great weekend it was! Rain was forecast for both days but none came. The tour outbound took us east through Waalwijk and along the big rivers to Arnhem. A couple of closed roads gave us a few detours but nothing the guys with the GPS' could not manage. Lunch at the Golden Tulip hotel in Renkum and then up and over the Postbank through the beautiful village of Bronkhorst along the German border and down to Borken where the first cold beers were waiting for us at the Hotel Demming. Great rooms, great food, lots of cold beers and excellent price! Next morning we were off again at 0930 heading South toward Wesel and the Rhine. A great coffee stop by the river at Tollkamer and then along the river dykes all the way back to Rotterdam. Total number of Ferries - 4; total number of wrong turns about the same and for many the total number of beers double the above. A great weekend enjoyed by all.

Thanks to the bar staff at the Hotel Demming for looking after us so well!

Special thank you to Peter van Zaanten and his wife for preparing a fantastic breakfast on the Saturday morning to set us on our way!

Rotterdam - Borken (MapSource file)       Rotterdam - Borken (pdf)

Borken - Rotterdam (MapSource file)       Borken - Rotterdam (pdf)

Grant Maclachlan


PCMC April 2011 Tour. 24/4/11

Otherwise known as the Easter Tour. A small group of 5 headed out from the Malieveld in The Hague at 1030. The weather was the best on record since records began; 22 degrees at 10.30 and by the time we reached our lunch stop above 25! We headed north through the suburbs of Wassenaar and the embassy mansions and on through the bulb fields around Keukenhof, on up to Kaag following the river as far as Alsmeer. Round the airport and then west towards Croquius and again along the water as far as our lunch spot at de Restaurant Rozenboom at Leimuiden. Beautiful spot along the river next to the toll bridge. Lunch was quite late so we decided to cut the trip short after Alphen a/d Rijn and all headed their respective ways home.

Easter Tour (Mapsource file)                 Easter Tour (pdf)


Grant Maclachlan


PCMC March 2011 tour. 27/3/11

 En daar begonnen we als PCMC met de opening rit van 2011, opkomst 2. Philippe en Peter van Zanten. We hadden in de ochtend nog wat bewolking en het was fris. Later op de dag trok het open en de temperatuur won aan kracht, want we gingen naar de 2 cijfers 13 Celsius! Na een bak koffie op de brompony’s en de rit begon. Daar we na wat gebabbel iets later vertrokken zijn we maar eerste even de autobaan op gekropen A15 om via A29 door de Heinenoord tunnel te rijden en bij de afslag Oud Beijerland/Heineoord eraf te gaan. Achterom zijn de door gereden naar Numansdorp. Daar staken we over links naar Brabant via de parallelbaan de Haringvlietbrug over. Om onderdoor via de BOSWEG door te stekken naar Goerree-Overflakkee . De BOSWEG bekend om zijn 3 dubbelen S bochten dus bochtenridders daar moet je wezen om de reclame aan de zijkant van de banden op te poetsen. Ik kon het niet laten dus gas erop en na de 3e brug even van het gas af. Van de bosweg links de Langeweg op, en door gereden naar Ooltgensplaats waar we langs Volkerak linksaf over de rijksweg naar Bruinisse weer een brug! Net even buiten Bruinisse een stop gemaakt bij de vluchthaven voor de rokers, dat was er één Philippe.  Hup op de pony’s langs de dijk van het Krabbemeer rechts te buigen (weer een brug over) naar Zierikzee en daar de stop gemaakt
voor het broodje en drankje. 
Inmiddels zijn we op het Schouwen-Duiveland en vanuit Zierikzee Noord Oostelijk de polder in waar we ergens weer Noord Westelijk gereden door de polder. Je kent het wel dijk op / af, onder langs en erop gereden om eerlijk te zijn, best wel een mooi landschap.
Bij Scharendijke de N57 opgereden en deze gevolgd tot aan Stellendam. Jesus wat is dit een zaai stuk, hier heb ik een stek laten vallen maar achteraf toch wel blij wat heel Rotterdam was gestrand in en bij Ouddorp en dat was uitgekomen
op file rijden, dat geluk had ik dan, want dat doen
we al de hele werk week file rijden. Direct na Haringvlietsluizen binnendoor naar Hellevoetsluis en in de vestiging van Hellevoetsluis een stoppie gemaakt voor wat vocht.
Aansluiten door de polder van Voorne & Putten om deze mooie dag af te sluiten in Hoogvliet de teller staat inmiddels op 210 km, daar heb ik Peter uitgezwaaid en om gekeerd naar huis. We over de openingrit 5,5 uur gedaan, ja we hadden een gezellig gemiddelde. 

Philippe Maas - voorrijder