Port Community Motorcycle Club (PCMC)

  The Motorcycle Club associated with the Rotterdam Port Community

PCMC Club Statues, legal issues, Annual meetings and Press links

As of March 2010 the club has been registered with the Dutch Chamber of commerce (KvK) and has established itself officially with statutes. The statutes are given below and can be downloaded as 'pdf' attachment.

PCMC Statutes


In addition and as part of the requirements for an established club an Annual General Meering (AGM / ALV) is required each year. For these minutes and more information please use the below link.

Annual General Meeting Minutes

PCMC and the press

PCMC has received considerable press interest not only at its launch when it appeared in the Niewsblad Transport back in 2008 but recently in Rotterdams'Mainport Magazine. The below link shows you the article

Mainport News. October 2012

In addition the recent donations activity have also received interest from the local Press

Botlek Nissewaard March 2016

                                                                                           Groot Nissewaard March 2016